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Ryan White Peer to Peer Support 

The Ryan White Peer Support Program is available to anyone living with HIV in North Dakota. When you join the Ryan White Peer Support Program, you will be paired with a Peer Support Navigator with similar lived experiences. Peer Support Navigators are not trained clinicians, rather they are people living with HIV who have learned to navigate many difficult situations and/or complicated systems and are willing to share their tips and tricks and/or simply provide a listening ear. 

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If you are enrolled in the Ryan White program and are interested in lending your experience and knowledge to help support others, please consider applying to be a Ryan White Peer Support Navigator. 

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Ryan White Peer Support Groups

Canopy’s Peer Navigation Support groups are held via Zoom and facilitated by people living with HIV/AIDS and/or people who have lived experiences with HIV/AIDS. Participants can join groups via phone or online. Groups topics will vary from guest speakers – professionals such as doctors, dieticians, therapists, etc., share their expertise to an open format where people can discuss issues most relevant to them. Participants are encouraged to engage in groups as “out” as they feel comfortable. Please feel free to use or not use your camera. Please feel free to use your real name, initials, or a pseudonym. Please speak as freely and to the degree you feel most comfortable. Participants are required to register prior to the meeting and invitation with links will be sent out privately. The registration form is HIPAA compliant and will be kept strictly confidential. The Canopy Peer Navigation team strives to create an online space where people living with HIV/AIDS can feel safe and supported.

Canopy Online Peer Support Group for Loved Ones of People Living with HIV/AIDS