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Ryan White Services offered in Fargo, ND

If you or a loved one is living with HIV/AIDS, you understand how challenging it can be to get the medical care you need and receive the mental health support tailored to your unique circumstances. Canopy Medical Clinic's Ryan White Services are a great place to begin.  Call the office today or email us at info@canopymedicalclinic.com to learn more. 

Ryan White Services Q & A

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What are Ryan White Services?

Ryan White was only 13 years of age when he was diagnosed with AIDS after a blood transfusion in 1984. Discriminated against when he tried to return to school, his family fought for his rights and garnered national attention.

Ryan surpassed his doctor’s expectations, surviving another five years. The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) honors his memory by providing a wide range of services to people with HIV/AIDS.

Canopy Medical Clinic is proud to offer mental health services to all individuals living with HIV/AIDS, including those who are part of RWHAP.  

What are some of the potential benefits of Ryan White Services?

There are a couple of ways you can participate in Ryan White Services, including: 

  • Mental Health Medication Management
  • Mental Health Therapy
  • Canopy Peer Navigation Program

Canopy Peer Navigation Program:

Peer-to-Peer Support Program

Canopy’s Peer Navigators are not licensed or trained mental health practitioners; they are people living with or who have lived experience with HIV/AIDS who want to share their experience navigating challenging situations that may result from living with HIV/AIDS. They also can be a sympathetic sounding board people can reach out to for support.  

If you would like more information about becoming a Peer Navigator, using your learned experience to help others, please reach out to Canopy Medical Clinic for more information.

Canopy Peer Support Groups

For people who prefer a group setting, Canopy Peer Support Groups allow you to connect with others through Zoom® online meetings. Various topics are presented, often by experts in medicine, mental health, nutrition, and more. 

You can choose whether to turn your camera on or off during visits and remain anonymous if you prefer. For many people, having a place to openly discuss topics related to their condition is incredibly rewarding. 

If you’d like more information, the team at Canopy Medical Clinic is here to help. 

Can Canopy's Ryan White Services help support loved ones?

Friends and family members of someone with HIV/AIDS face their own challenges. An online Zoom support group helps friends and family connect, learn from each other’s experiences, and find a sense of wider community. 

No matter where you are in your journey of living with or loving someone with HIV/AIDS, Ryan White Services can help. Call or request an appointment online today.