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Therapy offered in Fargo, ND

Canopy Medical provides supportive and individualized emotional and behavioural health services to the people and communities we serve. Our therapists see individuals with a variety of concerns, including depression, anxiety, trauma, gender concerns, and the specialized concerns of individuals who identify as LGBTQ+. 

Our staff are affirming in the diveresities of relationship expression and non-monogomy, are kink friendly and are sex positive. Our therapists are also experienced in working with individuals living with HIV and host HIV support groups and Peer to Peer navigation services. Services are provided both in-person and over telehealth.



Therapy Q & A

When should I seek therapy for anxiety and depression?

Canopy Medical Clinic offers treatment for depression and anxiety:


Depression is a significant mental health condition in which feelings of hopelessness, sadness, and guilt persist for weeks or months. Symptoms include changes in weight and appetite, a loss of interest in things that once brought joy, and thoughts of death or suicide. 

Depression can make functioning at work, school, home, and social situations difficult. Without treatment, symptoms persist and can affect your relationships, employment, and health.


A bout of anxiety is normal, especially when faced with an important or new event like a test or work presentation, but when it starts to interfere with normal function, seek help. 

Anxiety can show up as persistent bouts of nervousness and worry, problems focusing, and panic attacks. You overreact to situations and can’t seem to control your responses.

What therapy treatments do you offer for anxiety and depression? 

At Canopy Medical Clinic, you benefit from a thorough medical review and testing for underlying causes of mental health disorders, including vitamin deficiencies and hormone imbalances.

A combination of treatments usually helps people who struggle with anxiety and/or depression feel their best. The team at Canopy Medical Clinic offers medication management, therapy referrals, and referrals to other mental health resources in the Fargo area. 

What is the Ryan White Peer-to-Peer Support Program?

The Ryan White Peer-to-Peer Support Program is for HIV patients in North Dakota. You are paired with a Peer Support Navigator who has similar lived experiences. Your Peer Support Navigator is not a trained therapist or clinician. They are people who are living with HIV and have learned how to navigate life situations. They share their experiences and strategies for making it through challenges. 

Support groups are held virtually via Zoom and facilitated by people with HIV/AIDS. These support groups feature guest speakers, including professionals like doctors and dieticians.  What’s nice about these meet-ups is that they give you a chance to discuss relevant issues in a place where you can feel comfortable speaking out. All communication is HIPAA-compliant and completely confidential. 

Patients who are part of the Ryan White program and want to become a Peer Support Navigator can also apply through Canopy Medical Clinic. 

Call Canopy Medical Clinic to learn more about the therapy offered, or use this website to set up an appointment online.