Transgender Care

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Transgender Care

Transgender Care offered in Fargo, ND

Get this sexual- and gender-affirming care at Canopy Medical Clinic in Fargo, North Dakota, Val Erickson, DNP, CNP, ​FNP-BC, Heidi Selzler-Echola, APRN, WHNP-BC, and the team provide preventive care, mental health therapy, hormone replacement therapy, and other services for transgender patients. Call today or use this website to schedule your appointment online. Transgender care is also available via telehealth.

Transgender Care Q & A

What is transgender care?

Transgender patients are people who were assigned a gender or sex at birth that differs from their gender identity or gender expression.

Canopy Medical Clinic welcomes patients to their practice for preventive health care visits, regardless of gender or sexual identity. They also offer gynecology and other sexual, mental, and physical health screenings and support. The center staff welcomes all people and does not discriminate according to immigration status.

Is hormone replacement therapy part of transgender care?

If you’re considering hormone replacement therapy (HRT), come into Canopy Medical Clinic for an initial one-hour consultation. You need to be 18 to undergo hormone therapy, but the team will discuss the process with patients 16-17 years old with parental consent. If you identify as non-binary, you can also start HRT.

In most cases, you’ll undergo baseline lab work as well as routine health screenings like STD and HIV testing, immunizations, and a physical exam. 

After a general review of your health history and goals, the Canopy Medical Clinic team creates a customized hormone treatment plan. 

When hormone therapy begins, you’ll come in for checkups every three months for the first year. During these visits, the team completes lab work to ensure you absorb the hormones safely and effectively. They’ll make any adjustments to your plan based on these results. 

Once a year passes, visits to the clinic are less frequent. 

Do I need to undergo mental health therapy as part of transgender care?

Canopy Medical Clinic provides gender-affirming hormone therapy to transgender and gender diverse patients using the informed consent model. The practice does not require that you see a therapist before seeking out hormone therapy. Informed consent means you understand the risks, benefits, and changes associated with hormone replacement therapy. 

Often, people experience improvements in their self-esteem and overall mental health when undergoing HRT. But, if you experience changes in your mood or other concerning mental health side effects of HRT, the team at Canopy Medical Center has trusted gender-affirming partners to whom they can refer you.

Call Canopy Medical Clinic to get superior transgender care and hormone therapy. You can also book an in-person or telehealth appointment online.